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Welcome to the Shanti Sound Podcast- Exploring and Sharing the Healing Power of Music and Sound!

During these podcasts, I'm having conversations with inspiring musicians, sound therapists, sound healers and also teachers and experts in these and related fields so that we can get to know them and receive all their insight about the many ways that music and sound beneficially affect our wellbeing!


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The Shanti Sound podcast is a labour of love and something I'm really enjoying producing for everyone to access! However if you'd like to buy me a chai, your donations are very welcome! Thankyou! x x


Episode 1. May 11 2021

Michelle Byrne Listen now

Episode 2. May 18 2021 Nessi Gomes Listen Now

Episode 3. May 25 2021

Katie Underwood Listen Now

Episode 4. June 1 2021

Sukha Listen Now

Episode 5. June 8 2021

Yee Ley Lau Listen Now

Episode 6. June 15 2021 Electric Consciousness Listen Now

Episode 7. June 22 2021

Julia Williamson Listen Now

Episode 8. June 29 2021 Relle Jasper Listen Now

Episode 9. July 6 2021

Jayaji Listen Now

Episode 10. July 20 2021 Sacred Resonance Listen Now

Episode 11. July 27 2021 Sally Skewes + Elizabeth Holbert Listen Now

Episode 12. August 3 2021 Malachi Lonsdale Listen Now

Episode 13. August 10 2021 Pete Bengry Listen Now

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