Episode 10. Sacred Resonance

Release date Tuesday July 20 2021

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Darren Curtis (BA.Mus.Tech, ADL) & Bradley Pitt of Sacred Resonance, work as artists and educators who have been composing, creating live sound baths, producing art installations and performing sacred music and presenting across Australia and overseas for the last 20 years and in the last 5 years internationally.

Their business Sacred Resonance, founded in 1998, incorporates visionary thinking and higher experience of the Divine. Their work includes immersive experiences of sacred art & music, education through future-sciences which aims to help facilitate an interconnectedness for the mind-body-spirit. Their speciality also includes the latest discoveries in musicology, archaeoacoustics (acoustics in temples and pyramids), full dome visual immersive experiences and brain-body entrainment with beat frequencies, working with new consciousness sciences.

Since 2004 they have composed 8 albums and produced the international award-winning multimedia film ‘Gates of Light’.  In addition, they have produced/composed numerous meditation tracks, produced large-scale award-winning art-sound installations and mastered sacred music CD’s for artists around the world.

Darren and Bradley as co-coordinators are leading members of Dr. J.J. & Desiree Hurtak’s, Academy For Future Science, which is based on sacred scripture study, spiritual-science, musical experience of the Divine and the cosmology of The Keys of Enoch ®. In this field in which they run workshops, study groups and travel the world teaching, sharing and collaborating leading musicians researchers and spiritual thinkers of this current age.

Web: sacredresonance.com.au

Facebook @sacredresonance

Instagram @sacredresonance

Click here to check out their albums on Bandcamp

Axiatonal Music Presentation on Youtube

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