Episode 12. Malachi Lonsdale

Release date Tuesday August 3 2021

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Episode 12. Malachi Lonsdale

This episode was a wonderful chat with the very deep and creative soul that is Malachi Lonsdale of Pranava Sound Therapy! I asked him all about his amazing Pythagorean Monochord table (which I was fortunate enough to experience a sound healing on when visiting the Blue Mountains a few months ago!) as well as his tuning fork holders, gong and gong-harp, experience with the Sound Healing Academy, and more!


Malachi Lonsdale holds a Diploma with the Sound Healing Academy and has been working as a practitioner for several years. He also has a position as a tutor and assistant teacher and thoroughly enjoys connecting with inspired students.


Driven by wonderment for the nature of sound and its remarkable capacities for transformation, Malachi seeks to deepen his understanding so as to aid those who seek its healing effects for mind, body, spirit and soul.


Working with his friend, a skilled craftsmen, they continue to develop some remarkable instruments and accessories, which are used in his practice located in Blackheath, Blue Mountains Australia, and are also available for purchase.


Web: pranavasoundtherapy.com

Facebook: @Pranava Sound Therapy

Instagram: @pranava_sound_therapy

E: pranavasoundtherapy@gmail.com



Academy of Sound Healing

Eileen McKusick (Tuning Forks)

Gongdwana Australian gong distributor

Grotta Sonora gongs


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