Episode 15. David Breach/ Sri Prana

Release date Tuesday Nov 2nd 2021

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Episode 15. David Breach (Sri Prana)

Nunkeri Centre for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellbeing, Myponga, SA


I really enjoyed this chat with the lovely David/ Sri Prana, covering all things chanting, kirtan and bhajan, how harmoniums were introduced to India by German missionaries, the sound Om and its meaning, and his experience as a devotee of Amma the hugging saint.


David has been following the path of yoga for over 40 years. He practices and teaches Integral (Poorna) Yoga. David is also a Bowen Therapist and combines Yoga Therapy with Bowen to help clients in a wide range of physical and mental health areas.

David’s yogic learning, practice and teaching is influenced by the classical teachings from many sources including Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Satyananda, Swami Gitananda and those masters who emphasise spiritual development and yogic lifestyle. He also studied yoga with Dr Savitri Devi of New Zealand.

David is a devotee of the Bhakti master, Mata Amritandamayi, better known throughout the world as Amma – the hugging saint. David was chosen by Amma to teach her Integrated Amrita Meditation in South Australia. He has been regular visitor to her ashram in Kerala and also has travelled extensively throughout many areas of India. David has a strong interest in Yoga history and philosophy.

David plays harmonium, guitar and sings bhajans (devotional chants). He began this part of his Bhakti Yoga journey using only guitar but during his first India experience he bought a harmonium and while staying in Rishikesh taught himself to play the harmonium. David has been holding regular kirtans in Adelaide over a number of years. He now holds monthly kirtans at his Yoga studio in Myponga. Participants are asked to make a spiritual donation which goes to support 4 charities. These are Hutt St Centre for the Homeless, Catherine House for Homeless Women, Smith Family and Fred Hollows Foundation.

David offers chanting and harmonium lessons to people who are interested in bringing the joy of Kirtan into their lives.

David is passionate about sharing his knowledge of yoga and enjoys helping others discover how the rich textured layers of yoga practice can be integrated into daily life.

Contact David:

web: Nunkeri Yoga

fb: Sri Prana

Amma website: Amma Australia


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