Episode 2. Nessi Gomes

Release date Tuesday May 18 2021

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Episode 2 Nessi Gomes

Nessi Gomes is a British-Portuguese musician, she is an amazing singer, songwriter and music artist and an international voicework facilitator, helping people open up their expression through the power of their voice. Nessi shares deeply with us about the challenges she faced as a young person and how sound and using her voice in particular helped her to navigate difficult times. We hear about her experience living in the Pachamama spiritual community in Costa Rica and how that influenced her life and her music, about about recording her album on a boat on a canal in London, and about her incredible vocal workshops: Vocal Odyssey: Meeting with the Spirit of Your Voice, and how the workshops have transitioned to an online course during covid times, now accessible to hundreds of people. Nessi also guides us with a short humming exercise to engage our breath and slow our breathing, bringing a sense of calm.

Links for Nessi Gomes:


e: info@nessigomesmusic.com

Facebook Group: Vocal Odyssey

Instagram: @nessigomesmusic

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