Episode 4. Sukha

Release date Tuesday June 1 2021

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My guests on this episode are Sukhmani and Sukhman, who make up the duo Sukha from California.  The name Sukha means ease and bliss in Sanskrit. They’re are a gorgeous musical couple who are mantra music artists, sound facilitators, yogis and yoga teachers- I was lucky enough to hang out with them for a few days when I visited in 2016. We’re chatting about how they met, all their amazing offerings- music, yoga trainings and soundbaths which are currently online- the benefits of music with yoga and more.


About SUKHA.....

SUKHA is a mantra band and musical yoga duo from Southern California. Comprised of Sukhmani, E-RYT, 500, and her husband yogi/guitarist, Sukhman. SUKHA exists to open the doors for others to fall in love with the elevating effects and healing powers of mantra music, yoga & meditation. They produce & compose their own blend of unique and (folk & rock-inspired) mantra music blending their unique writing style, Sukhman’s expressive and masterful guitar and Sukhmani’s powerful and buttery voice. SUKHA music is weaved into Sukhmani's Yoga classes, trainings and workshops. They also regularly lead Kirtan and support other yoga teachers with mantra music for various styles of yoga. SUKHA’s international and national tours often include an eclectic mix of world-class musicians. Regular presenters at many festivals including Sat Nam Fest, Ahimsa Yoga Fest, Sedona Yoga Festival and creators of Fire-Aid Mantra-Thon in 2018), participants in Kirtan Aid, SUKHA is known for their high-vibration & heart centered delivery. Sukha's dynamic full-length albums include their award winning debut mantra album (2016) RISE, (a concept album inspired by the root chakra), and their (2018) critically acclaimed album CUSP (an album inspired by the sacral chakra). They are currently working on their third album, FIRE.



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