Episode 5. Yee Ley Lau

Release date Tuesday June 8 2021

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Weaver of sound, intuitive and facilitator of possibilities. Yee Ley of HK Chinese descent was born in London, UK.

A spiritual awakening in her thirties dramatically changed Yee Ley’s life path where sound and energy medicine entered her world. With a background as an IT Business Analyst, this shift in consciousness enabled her to create a lighter way of living and it sparked a thirst for wanting to know more.  This intrepid explorer of consciousness, now provides transformational experiences for those that are looking for a lighter way of living. Inspired by her teachers and her team of light, she has developed her own sound healing style and range of voice alchemy classes and album releases.

Yee Ley has been living in New Zealand since 2014 and provides a range of sessions, classes and retreats that assist people to meet the choices they are looking for.


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