Episode 8. Relle Jasper

Release date Tuesday June 29 2021

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Relle Jasper of Sonic Harmony is a Sound Healing Therapist incorporating Reiki, Esoteric & Shamanic Healing practices.
She was fatefully guided to the therapeutic healing properties of Sound, Vibration & Frequency after a life changing accident in 2015.
Music has always been a huge part of her life, and she has an innate understanding of the effects of music on our overall wellbeing.
Relle studied Diplomas in Group Sound Therapy and 1-2-1 Practitioner Sound Therapy, Acutonics, as well as Reiki, Shamanic Woman's Mysteries & Healing Modalities.
Connecting on a soul level with a specific intent in her own healing journey, she is passionate in her guidance to connect you back to your own inner wisdom & soul purpose.
We chat about how sound helped Relle recover from the trauma of her accident, hear about her journey through sound studies, talk about intervals and their use in sound healing therapies - and she guides us through a beautiful grounding exercise to conclude the podcast. She's super serene and relaxing to listen to, so enjoy this podcast!

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