Episode 9. Jayaji

Release date Tuesday July 6th 2021

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Jayaji is a modern day contemplative, mystic and multi-disciplinary spiritual guide. He is the author of several publications and has received over 200 healing hymns and medicine songs; more than 500 pieces of poetry and taught more than 30 Yoga Teacher Trainings at 200 and advanced 300 hour level.
The founder of Sound Ceremony, Floresta Atitlan and co-owner of the Yoga Forest, he is an eternal student of mystic doctrines, an adept and devoted Yogin and meditation instructor, a certified minister, an ordained practitioner of the Ancient Nyingma Dzogchen lineage of Tibetan Buddhism where he is given the name Gyurme Tashi; In the Shipibo/Conibo Shamanic tradition of Peru he is given the spiritual name Rono Rewa. Jaya's main teaching comes through his words and his music where he acts as an instrument for the spirit of wisdom.
Currently he resides in Guatemala with his wife and children.

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