Sound Therapy

90 Minute Healing Sound Therapy Treatment 

*I am currently on an extended break from offering Sound Therapy treatments.*

Sound Therapy treatments can include the use of Himalayan and Crystal Singing bowls, vocal toning, gongs, medicine drum, Cosmic Tone Instruments, chimes and therapeutic percussion.


Personal Sound Therapy treatments are created specifically for you during each session. The treatment is guided by your personal intention, combined with the use of a diagnostic sound tool to assist with gaining an overview of your energetic state of being.

As a Practitioner of Sound Therapy since 2014 - qualified through the British Academy of Sound Therapy, Michelle has an experienced, gentle and nurturing presence to guide you to peace and wellbeing.


See Michelle's Sound Therapy video HERE


Feedback from clients includes:

Stress relief | Deep relaxation | Feeling centred | Relief from physical pain | Clarity | Integration | Higher Understanding | Transformation | Lightness | Connectedness | Bliss | Calm | Rejuvenated | Peaceful


Intuitive Sound Healing can be wonderful as a one-off or irregular treatment, or as an ongoing therapeutic process- weekly, monthly or simply whenever you feel drawn to it.

Sound Therapy treatments are performed fully clothed, relaxing on a comfortable massage table.

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