Voicework & Singing lessons- testimonials:

"Michelle is a professional, warm and passionate teacher, holding a wealth of musical wisdom in her hands, voice and heart. She created an easful, individualised learning space full of vibrancy and care. I am grateful to have worked with Michelle and I would recommend her in a heartbeat"

- Emma, Piccadilly


"With her own special magic, Michelle easily put me at ease and turned the key to unlock my voice and my musical imagination. I couldn't be happier with me singing experiences with Michelle so far"

- Kirsty, Willunga


"My singing lessons with Michelle have always been relaxed and enjoyable. She has a good intuitive sense of what to suggest as a next step to keep me gently expanding my comfort zone! I learned something new with every lesson and was happy to notice improvements in my technique.. thanks Michelle for your light and supportive teaching style!"

- Amber, Prospect




Michelle's Transformational Voice workshops draw from her knowledge and experience of contemporary vocal and singing techniques, blended with sacred sound techniques including chanting, toning, mantra and sound therapy.

Michelle's relaxed, supportive approach has proven to assist many people to free their voice, overcoming blocks to vocal expression. Studying with the British Academy of Sound Therapy, as well as completing a nine-day Healing Sounds training in the USA with global sound expert Jonathan Goldman, and attending Ecstatic Chanting retreat with Deva Premal have inspired some of the processes offered in Transformational Voicework with Michelle.


Transformational Voicework offers valuable tools for anyone who wants to create a deeper connection to their voice, increase confidence and allow a natural freedom of expression.





Michelle is an experienced singing teacher, having worked privately and in schools, institutions and community groups with adults and children since 2007.

With an intuitive and adaptable approach, Michelle can tailor voice lessons for singing students of all ages. It is never too late to begin!


In addition to private students, Michelle taught voice and choir in South Australian Primary Schools for ten years, created a vocal program for teenagers facilitated in schools and community centres, conducted adult community choirs and has co-facilitated a Women's Wellbeing music program.

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